Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Whoops, its been a while. For those of you who are wondering, no, I didnt get eaten in Canberra. I came home, um.... several months ago now, and then I moved house and I forgot about the whole blogosphere entirely.

So... I guess I finished with the plundering. It was great fun, but eventually you have just got everything you possibly can out of one tiny little country. Had a couple of days off the couch, spent with Tim and Sarah-Margaret who are both awesome people and excellent hosts and I want to go back often but I cant afford it. Even if Smgt did spoil one of my stories by discovering that the snake we saw was really a possum.

So Im back at work. I dont love it. Well thats not entirely true, I do like my job, i love the interaction with the patients, and the fact that I never have to give out results, so I'm never the bearer of bad news, and so people generally tend to leave my office reasonably happy. Thats a pretty good way to spend the day. Its just some of the workmates I could do without. Theres really nothing worse then having to spend the whole day with people you have overheard bitching about you. And then they ask if you want to go to the christmas party. Oh yes woohoo count me in. Or maybe not.

In less bitchie news, Shellie and I have a new flat. Its a lovely warm house, which Pepper adores and we are pretty pleased about it too. It has a dishwasher! Our bench is constantly clean, we can SEE it! Which is reasonably helpful when it comes time to cook. My room is HUGE! And I've totally managed to fill it with crud, but thats not surprising because its me. Im never having children, they would get lost on the floor under the piles of junk. Since moving into the new house strange things have been happening though....

Okay, one night, I had this dream. There was this pirate, he was tall, reasonably handsome with just enough stubble that you could see he was manly but not enough that you would ever get stubble rash from him. He had ripped jeans, a peg leg, bare feet, and a torn white muscle shirt, and looked remarkably like a cross betweeen Jensen Ackles and Hugh Jackman (if ever a man lived, Kate and I would kill each other trying to get to him). Anyways, I was standing on the deck of a giant pirate ship, there was fighting going on all around, and every so often there was a whistle in the air as a cannonball JUST missed the ship. There was a fire on the deck, and to the left there was a plank for walking, and you could see the water just teaming with sharks. And I was fighting the pirate (why i would ever fight a handsome pirate is anyones guess, I suppose it was easier than coming up with some suave pickup line) and I kicked him. Hard. On the peg leg (coz of course, why would you kick him where it would actually hurt... D'oh). And i woke up with this terrible pain in my foot, which turned out to be broken toes. Im still confused as to what actually happened.

Another night I dreamt that someone broke into our house and stole part of my mattress. Just a little part, it kind of looked like a bite mark from the top and the bottom. And i was SO upset about it. I woke up in crying hysterics, absolutely certain it was true and really happened and wondering how I was supposed to ever sleep. It didnt occur to me that I was lying on my mattress at the time....

And last night I was feeding deer, one of them had a red nose. And it was boxing day, and Santa sent me a nasty letter saying that I had ruined christmas for all the children. Apparently the food i was giving the deer was soooo good that Rudolph didnt want to go back to the North Pole to guide the sleigh, and Santa had crashed into a tree. I woke up convinced that I was no better than the grinch. Very upsetting.

Oh, and in other, completely unrelated news, in the paper the other day there was a picture of our bus driver (from the previous Steve/Charlie story) and he was credited with being "Bus Driver Steve.... something". So he was completely lying to me when he called himself Charlie!!!