Monday, March 12, 2007

Its just another Manic Monday

I dont think today is going to be an especially productive workday for me. My first clue to this came about ten minutes after I got here. I had to do some bookings for my clinic for the next week, and I started off all diligently, but when I got to the fourth booking I ran out of paperclips.
There were then two options for me.... either walk out of my office and into the next one where I'm sure Cath has several bags, OR sulk a bit, put in an order to the stationery suppliers and read some other people's blogs while I waited for the delivery. Guess which one I chose.

My day so far has been so boring, to the point where I sent out a bunch of emails to people, and then I turned off my groupwise notify (which lets me know whenever I get a message by making a noise and putting up a notify icon) and I have spent most of the morning trying to guess when people have emailed me back, opening up the email screen to see if they have, and rewarding myself with ten cents if I'm right. By the end of the morning I hope to have enough ten cent peices earnt to buy myself a drink to go with my lunch. So far, I have earnt ten cents.

My weekend was pretty non-blogworthy. So Im going to blog it anyways (to run with tradition, whenever I have something exciting and funny happen I completely forget to blog....)

So on Saturday we went to the station to pick up Deb who was coming to visit us for our new bookstore opening party. After we had collected her we headed up to the new bookstore... and it wasnt open. Doesnt open until Thursday which is stupid because I have to work that day and who ever heard of opening something on a Thursday morning. So we headed off with great excitement to the mammoth awesome mega music and movies sale. Which was small. And silly. And we didnt really buy anything because nothing was all that worth buying. But we DID see an inside-out jellyfish in the water, and that was exciting enough to make up for the lack of actual real sale. And we also saw the amazing chip packet fish. They are rare, but if you look closely in Wellington Harbour you are sure to see at least one just hiding in the water.

Then we went home and my sister came round to borrow the washing machine and she stayed all afternoon so we didnt get a chance to really follow our plan of an entire coffee and chocolate weekend. Very sad really.

So instead I spent the entire afternoon putting tassles on my exciting crochet scarf that I made but cant wear because I made it in wool which I am allergic to, and also at the end of summer so its not even cold enough to wear it yet. And it wasnt until the last tassle that I discovered it was SOO much easier if I used the crochet hook to help pull the tassles through the scarf. Figures. Then i spent most of the night wishing for cold weather so I could wear my scarf shortly (allergies be damned!).

Sunday it was sunny, so I was angry coz I couldnt wear my scarf, but I had to show it to my mum and sister so I wore it anyways. I went out to my parents house, had yummy lunch and saw my Aunt who was down from Tauranga. Spent the entire time sitting in the shade because I was sick of being in the sun and sunburnt, and ended up being the only one with severe sunburn. But only on the side of one arm where clearly the shade didnt quite get to, which is still clearly entirely unfair.

After I got home I turned on the weather report which told me it was going to get COLD! Very cold and wet and snow and stuff (although no snow near me, snow is repelled by me) and I thought WOOHOO coz I could wear my scarf that I made and its cool and awesome and so what if I get an itchy neck wearing it?

And this morning it was cold. And in my office it is cold. And its yucky cold.

And I forgot to bring my scarf .