Saturday, December 23, 2006

Snoopy's Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve eve you guys! Its very nearly Christmas, and my god I've had so much food in the last two weeks that Im so very very pleased that Christmas is just once a year. It would be horrible to be completely sick of Chocolate 365 days a year (is it bad that i had to pause for about ten minutes there to try and think of how many days there are in a year??). Yup, Im sick of chocolate. If i see chocolate EVER again (for at least 4 days) I will throw up. A large amount. And probably of chocolate. And then I will see THAT chocolate and it will make me feel sick and then I will throw up again and it will be just a vicious vicious circle. It wont be pretty. Which is why its good that Im home by myself tonight.

Yup all by myself, Shelle has already gone to her parents house, and I dont want to leave Pepper here all by herself for too long so I'm staying here for a bit longer, only going out to the parents for a couple days (are you listening burglars and whistling murderers? you better be quick with the robbing and stuff, coz I'm not giving you a large window of opportunity).

So tonight I'm watching crappy Christmas movies on tv. Because Shelle hates them. Sadly the choices are limited. Theres gladiator on tv3 (Gladiator? Really? coz seriously TV3, nothing makes me think ho-ho-bleurgh than Russell Crowe. Theres NOTHING good about that movie, even Joaquin Pheonix doesnt look good)and Fear Factor
(yup, Christmas idiots) followed by National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on 2, and Midsomer Murders on 1. Murders? Its CHRISTMAS EVE EVE tv1! Its supposed to be variety concerts and cheesy movies, not murders! Better be people killed by mistletoe or you're fired!

So yay.... Chevy Chase movie is clearly the only option. And there is but one time of the year that I will ever say that. Chevy Chase is an awesome name, but sadly not so awesome an actor. But he is cheesy (nearly cheesier than Bob Saget) and its the season to be Cheesy (oh my god, the constant mention of cheese is making me feel queasy, I cant believe it).

So since I last posted (crap... when did I last post?) Ive eaten lots and lots of food, got a million and one christmas presents and thrown up nearly every day. Doesnt that sound awesome! So tonight I gave in to ALL my cravings. Now, if you know me you are going to be pretty surprised by the cravings.... check out the list

  • Walking up hills -- yup, I seriously felt in the mood for a walk. And then a walk on the flat wouldnt suffice. So I walked up to Victoria University and had a wander around and then walked further up the hill into Kelburn. It was pretty, but COOOOLD
  • Cleaning things -- I cleaned out my wardrobe because i really really wanted to. But then of course this craving ran out so I just shoved everything back in, and its back to messy
  • Spinach -- I NEEDED spinach! seriously, I needed it. It was very very important. So I had a spinach salad with unsalted almonds and a little bit of chicken. Bland, very green, and it hit the spot by far. I think I maybe needed brocolli too, but the heads of brocolli in the supermarket werent appealing.
  • Water -- lots and lots of cold water. No fizzy, no sugared drinks, no energy drinks, just water
  • Milk. And I hate milk.

So there you go, apparently at Christmas I turn into the anti-Hilarey.

Oh, and my shameful secret of this afternoon - I watched "It's A Wonderful Life" and I cried. Bawled like a little baby at the happy ending. I was just so happy for Clarence and George and Mary and Harry and all the little kids, and the angels and the bells and the tree... And I got to thinking (although, seriously, its not like I want to end my life or anything) but would anything really change if I hadnt been born?

I mean think about it... In the movie George had managed to run a business where he made homes for the unfortunate. He swindled the rich guy who was trying to take over the town. He saved the life of his kid brother, who then went on to fight in the war and stop a transport ship full of soldiers from getting bombed. He had kids, and him being alive stopped his mum from being all alone. If i werent around, not a whole lot would change. And yes, I know there are people who love me, and I know I do a good job at work, but I've never really changed the life of anybody.

Is it too cheesy to make that a resolution for the new year?

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