Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wake Me Up Inside

Its a loooong day at work. So very very long. Everything aches, and Im ready to go home now. And I'm TIRED!

So over Waitangi Day (yay national holiday on a Tuesday!) me and some friends went to the botanical gardens to have a picnic. Found a lovely place to sit by the duck pond and under a tree and settled down to have some food. And then the tree commenced to attacking Shelle. At first it was harmless. Just a leaf or two just landing on her gently. Then she got PELTED with sharp pointy leaves. Poor Shelle. So we had a laugh, all "haha the tree doesnt like you" and she laughed along and everything was good. Until she got pooped on by an invisible bird.

As she said, its not like the tree didnt warn her first.

Suffice to say we left the area pretty quickly after that.


Judy said...

Visiting from Mir's... and sending a Valentine hug your way :-)

Hillz said...

thats sweet, thanks so much