Monday, December 18, 2006

Only in my dreams....

So guess what I did on Sunday?

I think it would have been slightly harder to guess if I wasn't so proud of the fact I remembered I could upload a picture.
Yup, I walked the bypass. It took all of 40 seconds, but now I can say I have walked up two major roading structures on their open days since when I was 5 I walked the Moonshine Bridge just when they finished making it. Sadly, there were no clown, no balloons, no unicycles, and really not much of anything. Apparently at some stage there was protesters, but since I never saw them I guess they weren't very effective protesters.

So this week has been a busy one! On Thursday I had so many parties to go to that I ended up on a gigantic sugar high that i spent all of Friday feeling awful about. I also had a significant amount of champagne at the respiratory Christmas party dinner Thursday night. Margaret asked if I would like a glass, so of course I said yes. She bought me a whole bottle of special reserve blanc de blancs. Who am I to refuse such generosity? Its not like she could send it back. Plus we were on a boat (we took the Wellesley Cruise around the harbour, and it was a beautiful night, but still rocky) so I was already feeling a little drunk and somewhat heady (and i desperately needed to use the head, but I actually never found it) so why not get a little drunk. Although perhaps the sensible adult inside me was yelling "WORK CHRISTMAS PARTY... DON'T DRINK!" but I never listen to her anyway.

So aside from the small turnout, the inadvisable amount of alcohol, and the semi-average food, the cruise on Thursday night was awesome! We got guided back into harbour by several dolphins, the view from all sides was amazing, we could see the heads, and we went slowly around Somes Island and several bays, and the water was as flat as we could ever possibly have hoped for. If only I wasn't so tired it would have been perfect

Why was I so tired I can hear you wondering from upstairs (Linda....) well, I've been having strange dreams again. In one of them I was feeding deer, and one of them had a big red nose. I didn't think anything of it until later when I got the letter from a very bitter Santa, informing me that I was solely responsible for the poor children getting no presents this year. My deer food was so good that Rudolph opted not to go out on Christmas night, and with nobody to guide the sleigh Santa had driven into a tree and caused irreparable damage to all the presents. Oops.

Then later in the week I dreamt that my boss was forcing me to do Lung Function tests on a baby elephant. And if I didnt get good results she would fire me. I spent ages trying to get the nosepeg on that little trunk, and then trying to convince her to put her mouth aroud the mouthpeice was a trial as well. And as for her blast technique.... well, lets just say if your boss ever asks you to test an elephant, its a thinly veiled excuse for firing you.

At least I didnt have such a strange dream as one of my patients. She is on anti-depressants, and I think that might have caused it. She dreamt she was married to George Clooney (well, really, who hasnt) but she caught him having sex with her sisters dog (who was, of course, pimped out to him by the chemist). She forgave him and all that, and everything was all fine, until she developed dog aids. And then there were all these tests and treatments and it was terrible. So I guess the moral of the story is, If you are going to marry George Clooney, make sure you never let him go to the chemist alone.

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Anonymous said...

damn those are some fun dreams! Its been ages since I've had any dreams of consequence :(